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August 08, 2018

Caravel Autism Health announces strategic partnership with Frazier Healthcare Partners.

May 17, 2018

GMP invests with Zack Perry at Claremont Square Capital Partners to acquire Record Reproduction Services, Inc. ("RRS")

September 18, 2017

GMP partners with Housatonic Capital Partners to back searcher Brian Williams and Cork Capital in the acquisition of Financial Insurance Management Corporation, Inc. ("FIMC").

October 28, 2016

GMP invests with Cornerstone Continuity Partners and its search team, Josh Glade and Logan Greenspan, in partnering with a leading provider of juvenile behavioral health training services.

Graue Mill Partners, LLC ("GMP") invests in businesses in which owners are addressing opportunistic change.  We are a private equity firm which assists entrepreneurs and owner-operators plan and fund investments in attractive small and mid-size businesses.  GMP actively seeks to partner with qualified, high integrity Search Fund entrepreneurs to identify, structure and manage growth investments in small and mid-market companies with attractive competitive and strategic attributes, but which face changing circumstances due to:

  • A definitive strategic challenge requiring incremental human and/or financial resources,
  • Operational/financial constraints, or
  • Shareholder liquidity needs. 

We are experienced, senior operating and financial professionals, who bring the optimal combination of talent and patience to these changing circumstances:

  • Strategic and operating advisory,
  • Investment banking execution, and
  • Private equity principal investment.

While prefering to invest side-by-side with strong owner-operators in a revitalized  business, GMP will provide complete or partial liquidity to owners choosing to initiate an exit strategy.

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