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Partnering with Search Fund Entrepreneurs

A Unique Approach to Independently Sponsored Private Equity Investments

For the past ten years, Graue Mill Partners, LLC (“GMP”) has operated as an independent sponsor of private equity transactions, generating exceptional returns through active financial and operating management of attractive small and medium size businesses. We are a private equity firm which assists entrepreneurs and owner-operators plan and fund investments in those businesses. More recently, GMP has actively sought to partner with qualified, high integrity Search Fund entrepreneurs to leverage its ability to identify, structure and manage growth investments in companies with uniquely attractive competitive and strategic attributes, but which face changing circumstances due to:
  •  A definitive strategic challenge requiring incremental human and/or financial resources,
  •  Operational/financial constraints, or
  •  Shareholder liquidity needs. 
Throughout the search process and thereafter, GMP forms close partnerships with these entrepreneurs and owner-operators to help develop strategy, build management teams, execute business plans and establish the proper capital structure for both internal and acquisition related growth. We contribute actively both the human and financial capital to assist these entrepreneurs and our co-investors achieve extraordinary investment returns in a broad range of industries. We invest alongside our search fund partners in each transaction.

Significantly, GMP is uniquely positioned to leverage an extensive network of relationships across multiple sectors to bring both the human talent and financial wherewithal necessary to properly position attractive businesses for growth and ensure that investment strategies can be executed as planned.

Upfront, we rely heavily on our Search Fund partners to identify, screen and qualify attractive new investment opportunities to which we can bring our unique combination of operational and financial expertise, as well as a vast network of human capital connections.
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