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Formerly Lund Van Dyke,Inc., Caravel Autism Health is a regional leader of pediatric therapy services based in Wisconsin, with a growing presence in the North and Northwestern Chicago suburbs, utilizing applied behavior analysis (ABA) to treat children with  autism or similar developmental disorders.  The majority of services are delivered in the patient’s home with three office locations used as hubs for clinical staff. The Company is led by two experienced clinicians with stellar reputations in their field and who maintain a strong commitment to the quality of their services.  LVDI’s founding principals, Eric Lund and Christopher Van Dyke, started the Company in November 2009 and have since expanded to three offices covering the majority of the state of Wisconsin, making it one of its two largest providers of behavioral therapy.
How We Treat Autism.  Our therapists create family-focused learning experiences for every child within the day-to-day life of their own home.  It is our way of helping a child gain new skills in a comfortable, loving place.  Our therapists also coordinate community assistance, school consultation, and other supports to help each child with autism use new skills in social situations.

Our Philosophy.   Our therapy model—Applied Behavior Analysis—involves studying how a child with autism reacts to his or her environment. We then create outcomes that lead to preferred behavior.  It may not be unusual for our therapists to spend 30-35 hours with your child in a week. We devote that much time because we want to help your child reach his fullest potential.


Innovative solutions to manage the complex healthcare capital equipment lifecycle.

Founded in 2001, Attainia, Inc., known as Attainia Capital Planning Solutions (ACPS), is the world’s most widely used equipment planning, budgeting, and tracking system software for healthcare equipment. Customers include some of the largest healthcare capital equipment firms, hospital purchasing groups, integrated delivery networks and individual hospitals.

ACPS offers tools for Project Capital Planning that enable organizations to create, edit, and collaborate on preliminary, working and final healthcare capital equipment lists for all project types. In addition, comprehensive budgeting, specification, reporting, procurement and logistics features are included to provide flexibility for the diverse needs of design and construction professionals.

ACPS Routine Replacement Capital solutions that provide healthcare facilities and healthcare systems a single, cloud-based, point of entry for all annual capital equipment requests. These solutions enable users, in multiple facilities, to submit requests via a standardized format, providing real-time visibility to all planned capital spend as well as offer sophisticated workflow management tools that can accommodate both simple and complex processes. In addition, detailed product decision support tools, unsurpassed budget price guidelines and capital spend aggregation dashboards are standard features.

Integrated with all ACPS solutions is the industry leading catalog for all capital equipment. This catalog provides ACPS members the ability to browse, search, select and monitor capital equipment in more than 4,500 categories from more than 2,400 healthcare industry suppliers. Information from the catalog forms the foundation for making good decisions prior to the submission of capital equipment requests or inclusion of items in projects.

ACPS Analytics & Reporting tools provide visibility for organizational decision makers into all planned capital investment for healthcare facilities and systems. 

Blue Sky Network is a pioneer in the development of satellite tracking and two-way communication for remotely active private, commercial and government fleets worldwide. The company’s core business is leveraging the Iridium satellite network with its uniquely engineered tracking and communication hardware, integrated with its industry-leading cloud based Command Center - SkyRouter. BSN’s “best-of-breed” components are built on concepts coupled to specific customer input such as variable rate tracking reports based on time and/or distance or virtual geofences, and then integrating other relevant technologies such as robust Bluetooth connectivity.

BSN leads the market with advanced engineered solutions such as dual-mode (GSM-Iridium) devices which provide lowest cost routing in overlapping coverage environments.  Our BSN Bluetooth-enabled devices in concert with our sophisticated cloud based software applications exploit the power of an iOS smartphone/tablet to do advanced messaging, custom forms and even individual tracking anywhere in the world, real-time.  SkyRouter is the command center which is the operational heart providing visualization and management capability for all related remote devices. With custom overlays (weather, FAA charts, customer specific maps and locations, etc.), SkyRouter’s secure cloud-based services offer customers superb control and the comfort of exceptional reliability.

Founded in 2001, Blue Sky Network is headquartered in San Diego, California with customers and distributors worldwide. Blue Sky Network’s exceptional customer service and industry leading products make it the perfect partner for adding true global communication and fleet management for all geographically remote assets.


        LYFE Kitchen - A Quest for Great Taste

A journey begins with a single step and ours looked first to taste. With some of the most celebrated chefs in the industry driving our culinary program, we initiated a taste quest to develop menus that champion flavor and nutrition for today’s active lifestyle. Our chefs have created atural, preservative- and additive-free foods enhanced with spices, herbs and other natural ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner in both our restaurant and our grocery offerings.

LYFE tastes great. Every recipe from our LYFE Kitchen is crafted to delight your taste buds. Our discriminating chefs innovate tirelessly to come up with uniquely delicious flavor combinations that make it easy for you to enjoy choosing food that’s better for you.

LYFE is good for you. Every single ingredient in LYFE is natural. All natural and preservative free. So you can rest assured that, when you choose LYFE for yourself and your loved one, you’re choosing authentic, quality food.

LYFE is ready when you are. One of our main goals at LYFE Kitchen is to help you find less time-consuming ways to eat great tasting, nutritious food. We make sure every chef-inspired recipe we offer can be prepped and served— from kitchen to table—in a matter of minutes. At LYFE Kitchen we take pride in serving you and your family in minutes, yet in a warm and inviting atmosphere, that also provides a respite from your daily schedule.

LYFE lifts you up. We realize there’s more to an abundant life than what you eat. So we also provide a steady diet of inspirational fuel for the mind and the soul. And we serve it up around the clock through regular, ongoing social media interactions and on our site.

LYFE loves life. Our sourcing and supply chain processes are designed with a “sustainability first” approach. And we continually seek new and better ways to bring the best tasting, authentic food to your table, because that’s the way you told us you want to “Love Your Food Everyday.”

Out of Home America was one of GMP's first Search Fund investments, for which we participated in a substantial way, both as investors and as a member of the Board of Directors. OOHA was founded in 1983 as New England Outdoor Advertising. From the start, the OOHA premise was simple: help our clients find the easiest, most efficient way to plan, purchase, and produce out-of-home media. Today, OOHA represents over 100 outdoor companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. OOHA has executed out of home campaigns in 46 states, 10 countries, and 5 continents from offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Hartford, purchasing over $1bil in OOH media for our partners. We help our agency and client partners navigate the complex and fragmented world of out-of-home advertising.

In 2015 GMP successfully monetized and exited the investment, providing a significant return to its partnership.


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